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Bruce Garber - Manager
Cheryl Belle - Business Manager
Michelle Berry - Staff Assistant
Scott Buchholtz - Information Technology Manager
Craig Rysavy - Operations Manager
Seth Syverson - Manager of Engineering
Tami Aljets - Accountant/H.R.
Ashten Dewald - Systems Engineer
Jeri Carter - Office Assistant
Becky Nyhagen - Office Assistant
Shauna Olson - Business Assistant
Nancy Farbo - Billing Assistant
Todd Hafner - Information Technology Technician
Blaine Hulbert - Systems Administrator
Rodney Kitsch - Cando District Engineer
Cathy Klocke - Customer Service Rep./Dispatcher
Justin Kollman - Dispatcher/Safety Coordinator/Website Editor
Kevin Larson - Cando District Engineer
Danny Schuchard - Assistant Operations Manager
Rich Short - Carrington District Engineer
Travis Triepke - Information Technology Technician
Jill Wright-Van Dyke - Receptionist & Office Clerk
Barry Heisler - Warehouse/Materials Clerk


Crews and Locations

Cando Crew
Cal Schlieve

Randy Thomson

Cando Construction
Nick Schaefer
Doug Beck

Tree Cutting Crew
Bob David

Carrington West Crew
Mark Frost

Shannon Petersen
Tom Zink
Mike Koenig

Carrington East Crew
Josh Cabler

Cole Gubrud

Jamestown Crew
Beau Bredahl
Jon Sjostrom
Brian Backer

Maddock Crew 
Wayne Randle

Doyle Schwanke

Rolla Crew 
Brian St. Germaine

Chris Schroeder
Jon Tandeski

Rugby Crew
Stan Pierson 

Dave Jaeger

Woodworth/Robinson Crew 
Trevor Wick

Dustin Peterson

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